Why Fx EduCast



Live Market Analysis Stream

You Will Take Longer Profit and Shorter Loss
You Will Grow Trading Habit of a Top 1% Trader
You Will Set Your Own Suitable Trading Principle and Implement Continuously

Real-time Trend Analysis of Each Forex Instruments

Entry and Stop Loss Position Advice

Strength and Weakness of Indicators Explained

You Will Be Able to Trade Without Margin Call
You Will Learn Trading Strategy that Can Make 30 Pips Everyday
You Will Grow Trading Habit of a Top 1% Trader

Market Overview on Monetary Policies

Fundamental Analysis & Market Correlation

Expert's Forex Strategy Walk-through Webinar

Forex Strategy Webinars

Before fx_educast, YOU may have been...


1. frustrated by frequent margin calls.
2. trading based on luck.
3. taking short profit & longer loss
4. exposed in risk for excessive lot size
5. lost without risk management standards
6. unable to see yourself objectively.
1. Never worry about margin call again.
2. Develop your own trading principles.
3. Take longer profit & shorter stop loss.
4. Learn to manage proper lot size proportionate to balance.
5. implement your own risk management methods.
6. Follow successful trader's habit.